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Featured 08 Jun Sell on Leuva For Free!

Sell on Leuva For Free!



With nearly half the world’s population online, e-commerce marketplaces have disrupted the usual selling strategies of brick and mortar stores. Studies have shown that nearly 81% of all consumers prefer buying from brands that have an online presence. Rapid technological development has streamlined the buying process for consumers. Instead of spending hours in physical stores, buyers use the internet to research, find and buy the products they desire.

Ecommerce selling has several advantages over offline stores. Apart from the massive reach, easy accessibility, and bigger product portfolio, selling online also increases profit margins and sales volumes. Consumers are looking for new experiences online and by having a digital storefront, you can boost brand awareness and visibility.


Leuva is a powerful e-commerce platform that aims to bridge the gap between brands and customers in India. It leverages technology to provide a seamless ecosystem for transactions between wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers. With easy seller on-boarding and minimal documentation, it is the perfect marketplace for Indian brands that have just begun their online journeys. Personalized shopping experiences, safe payment gateways, and an engaging website have allowed Leuva to grow and carve a niche for itself in the online marketplace vertical.


Leuva is more than just a website. It’s an entire community of people that seek to make the consumer experience more streamlined and pleasurable. Most small businesses refrain from selling online due to the hassles involved. Setting up an online business from scratch can be cumbersome, especially for people who are not well versed in technology. Leuva removes all these barriers by providing a ready-made solution. All you have to do is set up your dashboard and upload your listings. The customer support team will help you throughout the process. With Leuva, anyone can start selling their products online immediately without worrying about logistics and technology.


Unlike other platforms, Leuva charges nothing to set up your online store. You can create unlimited listings for free. Moreover, there are no hidden charges, no monthly or annual fees. For the first three months, Leuva charges zero commission on all products sold. From the fourth month onwards, a small commission fee is charged for the upkeep of the platform.

Leuva was created with a singular goal in mind – to help small businesses succeed online by creating a platform for them to showcase their products to millions of buyers worldwide.

Creating an entire website from scratch requires heavy investments, in terms of both, time and money. Instead of spending valuable resources on a website, using Leuva is an economical and profitable alternative. Moreover, Leuva already has an existing customer base that you can leverage.


1.    Send your product details including images, costs, and descriptions to Leuva. The in-house team will create your listings free of cost.

2.    Millions of people, looking for unique, high-quality products, visit the e-commerce platform every month. Once your products are live, you will start receiving orders. All you need to do is package the product and keep it ready for the delivery executives.

3.    The delivery executive assigned to you will pick up the package from the location and get it delivered to your customer.


It’s as simple as that. Leuva is the perfect platform for all those seeking to start their online businesses. By partnering with Leuva you can successfully start selling online to buyers across the world.

If you have any further queries please write us at info@leuva.in or call us : +91-9998688876